They really shine... using the talents of veterans like … Floyd Domino…”
Terry Koontz Asleep at the Wheel, Ride With Bob
“Magic Fingers, Floyd Domino” on Piano”

Joe Baker’s CD Reviews
the type of rollicking piano romp that Domino usually delivers live - Lee Nichols

“Here's one of the best piano players you'll ever get to hear!"

Kind words from the late, great Don Walser

Floyd Domino brought home his Best Keyboards Award in 2010 to keep company with the two Grammy Awards won for featured work with Asleep at the Wheel.

A few of Floyd's notable awards:









incredibly talented people (like) Floyd”…
Ray Benson, Asleep at the Wheel


“If there are any musicians on the planet who are not familiar with his extraordinary talent, Floyd is not only  a musician’s musician, he is THE guitarist’s choice for keyboards– who else could improvise like crazy, at the drop of a hat, no less,  in the key of E? They don’t get any better than Floyd.”
Bart Bryant
“…his (Floyd’s) masterful piano skills.”
Billboard Magazine Spotlight Reviews, The Lucky Strikes, by Carrie Bell



"Grammy-winner Floyd Domino’s stellar boogie-woogie and swing has been heard on dozens of #1 radio hits.

With a recording resume from George Strait to Herb Ellis to Waylon Jennings to Asleep at the Wheel to Merle Haggard to Willie Nelson to Townes Van Zandt and beyond, Floyd’s piano has been heard all over the world and even beamed up to the space shuttle. NASA beamed George Strait’s Ace in the Hole to the space shuttle Columbia in a wake-up call that featured Floyd’s sparkling boogie-woogie piano solo. Currently, Floyd’s piano is heard every weekday on over 100 radio stations on the Jim Hightower talk radio show, broadcast live from Austin."

 "In Texas, where the guitar is the official instrument, pianist Floyd Domino regularly manages to cause jaws to drop when he ruffles the keys."

San Antonio Express-News

2010 Austin Best Keyboards Award
2008 2009
Top Ten Austin Best Keyboards Award

Cowtown Society of Western Music (2004) “Heroes of Western Music””
Living Hero Floyd Domino

2002 "Instrumentalist of the Year" Academy of Western Artists Will Rogers Award (2002)
2000 Grammy: Best Country Instrumental Featured Artist with Asleep at the Wheel Bob's Breakdown Asleep at the Wheel 's recording Ride With Bob
2000 Top Ten Austin Theatre Critics' Table Award for Musical Direction The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Austin Stages)

Grammy : Count Basie's One O'Clock JumpAsleep at the Wheel (Instrumental)

Awards ~ Reviews
“superb musicianship on full display   Floyd Domino was, of course, on keyboard.”
Brady Vercher

really awesome…hot-as-fire players…Floyd Domino on piano”

From Kathy Coleman
Piano great, Floyd Domino, playing fine!
The great Don Walser and his Pure Texas Band, along with Bill Kirchen Kennedy Center Washington, D.C.

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